2022 Park Photos

Skate sailor catching the wind On January 23, it was a busy afternoon on frozen Spy Pond. Capt. Sean Mullane, fire fighter, simulated a person in distress. Andrew Flynn performed rescue techniques on an ice rescue sled in this practice session. Betsy Leondar-Wright demonstrated safety techniques for ice skating on ponds. Sally Hempstead at home with her FSPP Good Citizen's Award Citation after the FSPP Annual Meeting
A youthful volunteer at Spy Pond Trails Day was very enthusiastic about taking the coyote skull he found to his science class. Elaine Crowder removed invasive plants along the trail adjacent to route 2. Mal Crawford from the Appalachian Mountain Club pruned bushes with a pole saw. This youthful volunteer collected invasive plants to put in bags. Volunteers filled dozens of bags with invasive plants. Trees began to bloom in early spring.
We don't know if any birds made a home in this tree sculpture overlooking Spy Pond Park. View from the new bench dedicated in honor of Soroj Khargharia by Family and the Friends of Spy Pond Park This blue heron flew past Julie McBride as she sat reading on a rock in Spy Pond Park, enabling her to find its shoreline landing spot. Spy Pond Park’s trees began to bloom in April. Signets on Elizabeth Island Swan Family
An abandoned swan egg Cormorants drying their wings Kristina Conroy watched this snapper saunter along the park path, onto the dock, and dive back into Spy Pond. Swan with fishing lure It took the efforts of 4 people to extract the hook lodged in the swan's neck. Adrienne Landry (l), FSPP Beautification Committee, congratulated BU Alumni for a job well done on their 2022 BU Global Service Day in SPP.
New fencing was installed to protect the erosion control project and plants that need to be isolated to flourish along the Spy Pond Park shoreline. Sunset over Spy Pond Kristen Elizabeth Photography caught an elopement at the Spy Pond overlook at sunset. Back row, Adrienne Landry, FSPP, and Natalia Bayona MyRWA introduced Menotomy Rocks Home Schoolers and parents to Spy Pond environmental science. It took strategy to lower the roof in SPP playground. All hands on deck for the careful construction of the 2nd large play structure in the SPP playground renovation
The climbing structure for older children took shape with strong supports inserted deep into the ground in mid-October. The playground was coming together, at last, with the swing posts installed, but temperatures lower than 50º prevented completion of the final playground surface until spring, 2023. (l-r) Lally, Sophia, and Monét greeted visitors at the FSPP Town Day booth, sold t-shirts, received new members, and provided information for passers-by. At Fun Day Sarah Hagar of Tinkergarten asked, “What’s wrong with this picture?"  The Lokensgard’s entertained on Fun Day with glorious, varied compositions. Faery Leah of Flutterby Faeries showed Bijay (behind), Onir and Opal how to communicate with fairies, a very popular activity as Lauren Bonilla documented the photo in the background.
Dipping her brush into the paint, this girl contemplated how to decorate the fairy houses. Jenny Babon, FSPP volunteer, and Kristina, his mother, watched Ellis with pleasure to see him exploring lots of possible activities at the toddler table. Kate and Owen try to solve the nature-themed games and puzzles. Playing at the toddler table was fun for all on the windy Fun Day. Smiling with a tiger grin, Dev was waiting to put his bark boat into Spy Pond with his mother, Cheryl, kneeling at his side. The rainbow on this child’s forehead matches Lynn Horgan’s colorful vest.
This five year old's sunny cheek matched her warm expression and happy smile of Nancy Gray, the face painter. This father and his child are happy with all the Fun Day activities and the prizes they are taking home. This family enjoyed the view from the Spy Pond Park overlook. These Fun Day attendees were happy to pose in front of the FSPP outreach table.