2021 Park Photos

Variety of winter activities on frozen Spy Pond Enjoying frozen Spy Pond Ice fishing on Spy Pond Ice hockey on Spy Pond Pond Snow Trail Sunset over Spy Pond
Seth Anderson and Adrienne Landry paused for a photo while planting three fragrant sumac bushes. Adrienne Landry, Beautification Committee, treats invasive knotweed with a vinegar solution. FSPP members William Stalcup and Julie McBride worked with Adrienne Landry to eliminate invasive plants. Park visitors helped to eliminate invasive garlic mustard, Anne Ellinger's idea. Lally Stowell with our cart filled with tools and bags for natural debris and invasive plant removal makes her way past volunteers grooming the cobblestones. Lally Stowell, Beautification Committee, wearing water boots, trimmed bushes from Spy Pond at Linwood Circle.
The Gibbs Green Team used tools to reach and collect litter at the water’s edge and throughout Spy Pond Park on a Wednesday in June. The tortoise and the hare before their race in Spy Pond Park. Happy Fun Day Faces Jenny Babon (l), FSPP volunteer, guided Fun Day nature craft activities. Parents and toddlers happily participated in challenging activities. Nelya Aoues concentrated on "What’s Wrong with this Picture?".
High school volunteer, Jessica Shi, assisted Ahaana Mouldonado-Sood to create a leaf print. Making bark boats was a fun activity. Jenny Venant, high school volunteer, painted a butterfly on Shanna Hazel's cheek. “Confluence” was an art installation in Spy Pond Park by artists Laurie Bogdan and Kimberley Harding  meant to enccourage water purification. Ferns flourish in Spy Pond Park planting beds. Stone sculpture beside the walk-down steps leading into Spy Pond
Goldenrod bursts forth at the shoreline of Spy Pond. Ducks venture out of the water onto SPP grass to rest. A beautiful hibiscus was a new bloom in the SPP planting beds. Theresa Turtle left Spy Pond, crossed the pervious path, trudged up the hill near Linwood Street in search of a spot to bury her eggs in the grassy turf. Charlie, Cloe, and Emil made twirly stick butterflies and dragonflies. Nathan, Jack, and Finn enjoyed water play.
Oliver strengthened his motor skills as he stacked blocks at the toddlers’ table. Erin cuddled the prize she chose for participating in the toddlers’ activities. Audrey, Anupan, and Eliza cut out and colored in their eagle’s wings for their costumes, preparing to act out the story about the eaglets. The girls listened closely to the directions for folding the origami squares, creating colorful fish art. Six-year-old, Senka showed off her artwork, sunset at Spy Pond with her list of who lives there at the bottom. Fish art from the “Confluence” oragami craft table was so imaginative.
Mystic Brass Ensemble Players “Lokensgard Blechbaser Ensemble” “Coffee to Cocktails” Duck with a fishing bobble stuck around its wing. Doris Birmingham and her grandson helped groom the island on Linwood Circle. The Amo and Yoda families enjoyed an ice cream treat courtesy of Zhen Ren Chuan Martial Arts after volunteering in SPP.
Charles DeVirgilio and his Martial Arts family members helped on a FSPP Work Day. Before we began work, invasive plants were overgrown in the walled-in, square plot to the right of the boat ramp. Phillip McLaine and his son, Oslin, finished after 3 sessions of clearing the square plot for native planting.