2019 Park Photos

Park visitors in Spy Pond Park admired the winter sunset reflected in the pond The Arlington-Watertown Girls Swim Team sang while they dug out dirt, weeds, and grit between the cobblestones lining the path through Spy Pond Park Look for the little village by Christopher Frost inhabited with passers-by additions in a tree next to the Minuteman Trail at the Linwood Street entrance to Spy Pond Park People Making a Difference® thought it was fun to spend the day in the park while helping to make it even more beautiful Betty Athanasoulas and Peter Fuller volunteered to help on BUs Global Day of Service during Spy Pond Park ‘s spring cleanup Lally Stowell, FSPP Beautification Committee Coordinator, removed natural debris from Linwood Beach shoreline
It was a very cold, windy day for FSPP’s first workday volunteers John Sharp spotted these Gray catbirds while leading a May bird walk in the park A mature bald eagle swooped above to delight those assembled for the bird walk A great blue heron waded and fished in Spy Pond in the early morning sun in late July Sarah Wilkinson, Betsy Leondar-Wright and Pushpinder Syal holding our banner in the Fox Parade beginning Arlington’s Feast of the East Lally Stowell holding FSPP’s display goose and Scooter Wilkinson dressed as Spy Pond Slime (toxic algae) marched in the Fox Parade in June
Haven Construction installed coir fascine along SPP’s shoreline to hold new soil and enable new plantings to curb erosion for the Conservation Commission’s Spy Pond Shoreline Protection and Erosion Control Project After workers removed the old surface, they spread gravel along the path between the cobblestones The brown porous path will filtrate water with vacuuming necessary for maintenance Charles DiVirgilio, Zhen Ren Chuan Martial Arts, treated student workers, parents, and Park visitors to delicious soft vanilla ice cream to give them energy for their community service activities in the Park on the beautiful July workday Noa Roisman (behind the polka dotted balloon) enjoyed her birthday party with day care center friends and their families in Spy Pond Park on FSPP’s July 27th workday What a beautiful day it was on Fun Day this year, great for trips to Elizabeth Island!
Allison Rodger assisted by Edmund Ho demonstrated Spy Pond water quality testing at the SPP North Beach shoreline A young girl sporting her Tinkergarten nature crown set her bark-boat afloat Sarah Wilkinson and Beth VanGelder prepared materials for making bark-boats Lisa Reynolds, Fun Day face painter, looked on as Elise and Darren Bourque showed off the butterfly that’s landed on Elise’s cheek They looked at a dried bug that he might catch with the nets provided by Audubon Habitat in Belmont He wistfully watched his bark boat struggle to begin its trip across the pond
Park visitors got ready for their return trip to Spy Pond Park after their Elizabeth Island tour with Arlington Land Trust guides Mark Sandman and Joe Burns organized the musical entertainment for Fun Day, including the up-tempo guitar duo, Steven Malatesta and Dermot Whittaker of Aunt Mimi Nevora Castelli struck a stately pose befitting a nature queen wearing her personalized crown and holding a beautiful floral bouquet Building with the geo-discs donated by the Boston Architectural Society was a big hit on Fun Day Aadya Syal helped the children make leaf prints Rick Cohen and Mark Sandman joined the Harmonators, Joe Burns, Dainne Hagan, and Glen Woodworth to offer great harmonies, fine guitar work and hand percussion instruments in their musical entertainment
The Lokensgard Blechbaser Ensemble Brass Band enthusiastically entertained Fun Day attendees busily engaged in activities all around them Betsy Leondar-Wright was thrilled to see the result of her efforts, park visitors enjoying the variety of Fun Day activities this year A volunteer dug out weeds between the cobblestones on the last 2019 workday