2018 Park Photos

Snow blows over Spy Pond ice from snow dunes Early morning ice hockey on the smooth ice keeps this skater warm in the cold, winter temperatures (l-r) Artur, Zarar, Sajeel, and Kanon, reporters for the Hardy School News, were happy to have the experience of interviewing FSPP President Karen L. Grossman “Ripple”, giant knitted sleeves for bikeway trees near Spy Pond Field by 60 town volunteers, coordinated by Adria Arch, Arlington Public Art.  What, your trees don’t have jumpers? “Current”, an environmental art installation by Provincetown artist Frank Vasello, flowing from the Minuteman Trail into Spy Pond Park John Ellis, Arlington Tree Committee, gave a presentation at the 2017 FSPP Annual Meeting
This January 2018 sunset photo captures some of the activities on frozen Spy Pond that included skating, ice fishing, cross country skiing, ice sailing, hiking, dog walking, and bicycling Betsy Leondar-Wright wearing boots plays solo broom hockey on the Spy Pond ice All BU Global Days of Service volunteers gathered for a photo memorializing their combined efforts at Spy Pond Park this year Double-crested cormorants (l-r) Ronan and Stewart Ikeda from the Hardy School, John Ellis, Arlington Tree Committee (holding tree in place), Adrienne Landry observing, Johnny Lapham taking the photo, and Lally Stowell, FSPP Beautification Committee were involved in a community project adjacent to Spy Pond Park financed by the Calvary Church located at the corner of Linwood Street and Mass. Ave. Curtis Puncher, Cub Scout Den #313, and their fathers listened closely to Lally Stowell’s instructions about watering the new trees on the Minuteman Trail embankment adjacent to Spy Pond Park
Uncovering a storm drain after heavy rainfall was hard work Four people enjoyed “floating” on the Spy Pond ice and captured the activity in a selfie for Facebook earlier this year The Matignon H. S. students watered the newly planted trees at the edge of Spy Pond Park on the Minuteman Trail embankment Sara Feit examined the Puddlestompers’ live snake as we wondered if this fox’s mural is enshrined at the Fox Library’s mural painted nearby Every child who viewed the live snake at the Puddlestompers table was enthralled The Kmetz girls were engaged in making leaf prints on Fun Day as their mother admired the results
The martial arts students seriously followed their routines to delight the crowds gathered for the demonstration at Fun Day 2018 Many children with parental guidance built the fantastic, large sculpture of the discs. Provided by Arlington Public Art, courtesy of the Boston Architectural Society Miko Suzuki passed by the prizes for children who played games or completed puzzles Christopher Romero and his mother got quite involved in the various toddler table activities Molly proudly displayed her completed bark boat for her mother to admire Pinal Manier showed her daughter how to begin making a bark boat
FSPP volunteer, Lisa Reynolds, fashioned colorful designs on many eager children’s faces Cindy Friedman, state representative (center), joined Clarissa Rowe (l) and Brian Rehrig  (r) who were distributing Arlington Land Trust information to those touring Elizabeth Island on Arlington/Belmont Crew Team’s coaching boats The Harmonators Joe Burns (l), Dianne Iannitelli (rear) and Glen Woodworth (r) offered great harmonies, fine guitar work and hand percussion entertainment on Fun Day Watching a child try to solve the nature puzzle at the games table Charles DeVirgilio and volunteers representing Zhen Ren Chuan Martial Arts Studio rest after their hard work on July 21 in Spy Pond Park Volunteers from the same East Arlington neighborhood, (l-r) Isaac Provost, Ani Brenne, Hank Fliggburger, and Tor Brenne came to help in Spy Pond Park on August 18
Look for the little village by Christopher Frost in a tree next to the Minuteman Trail at the Linwood Street entrance to Spy Pond Park