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Spy Pond Park Renovation

Designed by CRJ Associates, landscaping architects
Carried out by Heimlich Landscaping and Construction

What they did:

  • Replaced crumbling retaining walls and fortified most of the rest of the shoreline with coir logs planted with native shrubs.
  • Created erosion-proof access points with impressive boulders.
  • Repaired drainage from Pond Lane and the gullies it had created.
  • Re-graded the middle area of the park so that it drains toward the bike path.
  • Built a boat ramp which provides acceess for emergency craft and allows pleasure boats to be launched without damaging the shoreline.
  • Built a new path which unifies the park, provides access for maintenance vehicles, and is made with pervious materials that allow water to drain through instead of running off.
  • Installed a seat wall, flanked by steps and a ramp, at a small area of the shore left open for the enjoyment of children using the playground, providing easy and non-eroding access as well as seating for the parents who watch them.
  • Removed remnants of old ice-house piers just under water near the Linwood street "beach" which had been a hazard to boaters and bathers.
  • Designed the shoreline to look less inviting to geese swimming on the pond by placing both visual and real obstacles such as shrubs and zigzagging rocks between them and the land.
  • Installed new picnic tables and benches on cement platforms to prevent erosion.
  • Added new water fountains, signs, trees, and flowering plants.
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