2013 Activities in the Park

Sail skating  Sailing on Spy Pond's frozen ice is an exciting adventure in cold January winds. Baby Hank (Henry David Fligg),  born Monday, April 1st was on board with the FSPP from day one! Weed treatment in Spy Pond is important to combat nutrification that can impede water recreation. Lally Stowell and Gail McCormick are members of the Beautification Committee that guides volunteers working in the park. Wally Williams is a faithful volunteer on FSPP Work Days. Digging out unwanted grass isn't easy.
Yes, cleaning between the cobblestones is a tedious task. Bill Stalcup, a regular FSPP worker, rakes the grass he extracted from between the cobblestones lining the path. In sunglasses and t-shits supplied by Boston University, alumni gather by Spy Pond to celebrate the completion of another successful Global Day if Service in April. Families also come to help us on BU's Global Day of Service in SPP. Arlington Children's Theater performed Shakespeare's "The Tempest" in Spy Pond Field this summer. "On with the show" with a rainbow appearing after the tempest that interrupted the ACT performance.
Arlington residents Cheryl and John Kohl, Jane Lee, and Danielle, volunteers with People Making a Difference®, stand with the new cart for transporting debris to the pickup locations. Cheryl Kohl transports natural debris, invasive plants and pruned cuttings separated for disposal and composte. John Kohl and his daughter, Cheryl, transplant some ferns in the SPP planting beds. We have vivid summer memories of flowers and bees in SPP. Students from Matignon High School gather after their hard work in SPP. Matignon High School students use teamwork to load cuttings into brown bags for pickup.
Food Appreciation Day at Spy Pond Field brought many children to the bouncy house and slide while spectators listened to music and learned about GMOs. The Lokensgard Blechblaser Ensemble entertains Fun Day visitors. The french horn adds to the mixture of music. Laura Tracey toots her tuba. Maria Meslin and her daughter, Mia Conlin, swing to the music. The brothers show off their bark boats made with findings from Elizabeth Island obtained for Fun Day.
Spiderman emerges at Fun Day. People enjoy walking through the park.